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Vacuum thermoforming machine of universal use for the production of a wide range of items in thermoplastic very thick too.
A key feature of ns. Thermoforming type XT is the type of construction with partial structures pre-worked and then bolted to obtain a better final accuracy and increase the life of the various components.
A careful choice of materials allowed us to sell machines with equipment of primary importance.

However, we are willing to examine the possibility to equip machines with different equipment on customer's specifications.
The elaborate specially developed software guides you through all stages of processing, is intuitive and easy to use, the software package is designed a particular procedure that allows the user to recognize, locate and resolve common problems of routine maintenance or anomalies that may occur during processing due to, for example, a sensor or a valve or an adjustment performed poorly.

The Thermoformer can be equipped with different types of human-machine interface, depending on the needs and characteristics of the materials to thermoform used by the client to configure optimally.
The interface can range from a simple Display from 5.7 "to an industrial PC with 15" TFT Monitor or a super vision system with 19 "Touch Screen Monitor.
The more advanced systems enable monitoring of all machine functions in Real Time and interfacing to Ethernet networks for management and control from a distance, more thermoforming machines in a production line to view the status or downtime.
"Teach in" functions.
Guided systems for maintenance and troubleshooting.

The different types of offers are: pneumatic, electric, hybrid, automatic, automatic plate frame, quick mould change, decoration with ceramic resistances, quartz or infrared, with automatic sheet loaders/Unloaders positioned on one side, interfacing with manipulators and machining centers, remote assistance and much more.

In addition to standard formats, we build thermoforming machines with customized sizes depending on customer's needs.

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