The evolution in plastic technologies

The XTEK arose from cooperation and by merging experience with decades of activity, experience in various fields, from plastic injection moulding, Thermoforming manipulators, Palletizers, formatrancia, building prototypes, industrial automation and supervision systems, assembly lines, quality control.

Over the years the company has remodeled on market requirements, developing and bringing in parallel the two main branches, the construction machinery industry, with particular attention to the world of thermoforming machines, thermoforming and moulding industry with inherent in everything that is around, starting from an idea by passing to the sketch, cad/cam modeling , to prototyping, to the final construction of the mould and the production of thermoformed.

Over 15 years of experience and technology, optimizations designed in collaboration with customers who have helped us in the optimisation of the product.

Thanks to highly skilled technicians on everything is made entirely in Italy in Teramo, this allows the company to be a modern and competitive realities in the field.
The company's policy has always been linked to quality using quality materials and innovative technology. The work of our technicians and consultants selected in years, allow for optimal care of finish and detail, a job with style and passion.
The same that if you decide to purchase one of our products.

Customized Solutions

soluzioni personalizzate esigenze cliente

Our experience and flexibility of our products allows us to analyze the needs of individual clients to find optimal solutions.

Thermoforming machines

termoformatrice varie misure elettrica pneumatica ibrida

Wide range of thermoforming machines, pneumatic, electric, hybrid, with ceramic resistances, quartz, halogen, automatic valves, integrated supervision system, remote assistance, and much more ...

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...  Outline Of Theory. Halogen Infrared: Construction And Characteristics Similar ToQuartz Heaters With Higher Temperature And Increased Speed.


Outline of theory with these notes you intend to give some simple notion of theory and some practical advice on the application of infrared rays for industrial use. We can say that what we consider as the heat of a body is the result of the agitation of the atoms and molecules in the body: a body increases ...

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Rent Thermoforming Machines

nolo noleggio rent termoformatrice forming

You need a thermoforming machine for a short time, because you have a job in commercials, such as not to invest in a new purchase, but don't want to lose you or you don't have the appropriate size or did all your thermoforming machines involved, enjoy a familiar NS. Thermoforming rental service and solve your problems.


Sectors Served

automotive automazione edile termotecnico agricolo elettromedicale allestimenti

Automation, electronic, electromechanical
AUTOMOTIVE, aeronautics, Naval, electromedical
FURNITURE, thermodynamics, construction, ANTIINFORTUNISTICO, fun

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Ask for a free quote

idea progetto sviluppo

Ask for an estimate without obligation, to analyze the costs for developing and implementing your project. THERMOFORM.

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Industrial automations and supervisory Systems

service servizio manutenzione assistenza costruzione industria supervisione prototipi
The services are carried out on behalf of third parties (in Italy and abroad)
Maintenance contracts and managed accounts worldwide installations
Revisions of industrial plants and machinery.
Automated systems for moving loads.
Palletizing systems.
Construction robot and cutting machines.
Mold temperature control units for construction.
Design and construction of prototypes for industry.
Supervision systems.
Industrial Automation.
Consulting project.

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Programming of PLC/SLC:

Siemens S7-300 series
Siemens S7-200
Siemens S7-1200
Siemens Panel TP (Touch)
Siemens Panel OP
Siemens PC-Supervision
Siemens TIA
Allen Bradley 500
Allen Bradley 500
Allen Bradley Panel view
Movicon Supervision
Supervision Platform
Toshiba M20-M40-T1-T2-EX2
T-Line Panel
Panel ESA
Omron Plc
PLC Mitsubishi
Siemens LOGO
GE Fanuc PLC
PLC Nais
WI-FI Systems
Tx SMS Systems
Home Automation
Ethernet-Intranet Systems