Automated systems for the industry

The XTEK & C sas operates in industrial plant and industrial automation since 2002with plants developed and controlled remotely, located in various parts of the globe.
The internal development progressed over the years, directs the company to specialize in the construction of special machines and further to the integration of robots for industry, thanks in part to the demands of new customers who ask to optimize and take full advantage of the new features that the market offers.
In later years the constant evolution of XTEK has permission to offer its customers new and cutting-edge technologies in automation and robotics, developing in close contact with many different companies and industries. Complete turnkey systems and robotic applications, are the result of careful design studies tailored to the specific requirements of the job.
Installation and commissioning is entrusted to our skilled personnel. We service the customer post-sale is structured in operator training, in ordinary assistance upon request, on a periodic or extraordinary maintenance, as needed, we also offer a 24-hour tele-assistance service 24.
Our goal is aimed at achieving the optimal product solution built with the latest technologies, to meet the changing needs and expectations of the client, helping to raise product quality and reducing costs.

· Industrial automations
· Moving and handling
· Automatic lines
· Technological systems
· Machine vision systems
· Robotic applications


Remote assistance software
For management of remote systems and machines, we provide technical support of tele-assistance. It is therefore possible to monitor and resolve unforeseen events quickly without moving the technicians.

Assistance for third parties
We perform services for third parties on sites abroad.


Electrical design
With the support of various applications we create wiring diagrams, tables of interconnection, materials list, construction documentation and verification.

Software Development
The design and development of software created internally, enables us to provide the most using PLC and HMI systems applications, develop on PC supervision programs management and control.

Technical documentation
Use and maintenance manuals is essential and mandatory for a industrial supply. Project documentation, including electrical parts, mechanical, pneumatic, parts lists and Executive layout, all the usage information is made on our application and provided in printed and electronic format.


Turnkey installation
Installation and commissioning is entrusted to our engineers. The staff is specializedin their fields of competence; pneumatic, electrical, mechanical, software, and installation instructions. Has the knowledge and experience necessary for proper execution of the works.


In order to maintain optimized performance of our applications, we offer a service of preventive maintenance. This ensures the safety and functionality of early detection of possible anomalies and put in place the corrective maintenance required.

Extraordinary maintenance is guaranteed on all our applications and also extended to additional customer needs where our experience may be required.


For revision or replacement of installations, we realize: full, electric plant and machinery that remakes have lessened their efficiency.

The review is not limited to the normal replacement or renovation of existing components, but intends to analyse the purpose of use, to propose improving solutions.

Adaptation and security
An aspect currently paramount, although in the past not always acknowledged, is the need to adapt and maintain efficient plant safety devices. For this purpose we work fixing or modifying existing installations according to current regulations.